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The yard at Stella Hancock Driving Group at Merrist Wood with volunteers head holding a pony and a driver and coach sitting in the carriage.

Volunteers usually have a love of everything horsey from grooming, head holding, harnessing and an ability to also ride a bike as safety supporters is ideal.


We meet every Wednesday morning from April to October, with pre-season training in March. Opportunities arise throughout the year with some coaches at their premises.

Regular attendance at the group is helpful but not compulsory.

Loading and unloading wheelchairs requires precision and strength for those able to offer this type of help. 


The Stella Hancock Driving Group yard at merrist Wood with a gazebo and union jack bunting set up for the Jubilee celebrations.

Fund raising and increasing the visibility and awareness of the charity provides the opportunity for engagement, provision and opportunity.

We would welcome any company or organisation who would like to come and see what we offer and discuss how they could support us.

Sponsorships are a good way to help provide funding support aswell as increase corporate awareness. Whereas local grants and donations can make a huge difference to our groups' activities.


Please get in touch to come and visit us and meet the drivers, coaches, volunteers and of course our lovely horses and ponies.


A disabled driver and coach wearing the red uniform of the Stella Hancock Driving Group on the bench of a carriage.

Stella Hancock Driving Group encourages all adult drivers, ambulant or non-ambulant, who may have physical, mental, and emotional challenges.


Drives are offered on a rotation basis, usually every 2-3 weeks. A waiting list  to join the group is sometimes in operation.

Drivers are given the opportunity to progress their competence to RDA National level and compete at events if they wish.

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