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A disabled carriage driver in a wheelchair sitting in the horse and carriage next to a carriage driving coach. The disabled driver is wearing the red colours of the Stella Hancock Driving Group and is holding the reins of the harnes. Both drivers are smiling as the horse and carriage are being driven through Windsor Great Park.


Mission: To provide carriage driving in a safe, happy and friendly environment for anyone with a disability, in order to promote improved emotional well-being, self-confidence, independence and personal achievement. 

Vision: To create an outdoor environment of friendship, learning, fun and inclusivity alongside the therapeutic relationship with horses.

Core Values: To treat everyone with respect and kindness, with high welfare standards for our horses.

Contact us to arrange a visit us at Stella Hancock Driving Group RDA, Merrist Wood, Guildford.

A disabled driver and her coach are carriage driving a horse and carriage through an obstacle course.


"Congratulations to Stella Hancock (especially Gemma, Olivia and Stacey) on their results at the Nationals recently! I do hope everybody involved enjoyed the occasion. Onwards and upwards now!"

Miranda Purves 

RDA South East.

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