RDA is run by 19,000 volunteers who give their time to our centres all over the UK – and we always need more. With the support of people like you, investing a couple of hours each week, we can continue to provide our life-changing activities and increase provision to include the thousands of people who are currently missing out.

A Carriage Driving Coach always accompanies the disabled drivers in the carriage.  Two trained volunteers are needed on bikes, together with one on the backstep.  This provides sufficient volunteers to unload a wheelchair should it be necessary.  Fully RDA assessed ponies are brought to the yard by their owners.  Ponies are groomed and harnessed before being “put to” the carriage.  Further volunteers are required when mounting and dismounting takes place, ensuring that wheelchairs are securely fixed in place on the specially adapted carriages.  The ever important coffee and cakes/biscuits are provided!

Of course extra help is required when the group goes to shows and events.  Whatever your skills, you will have something to offer RDA – and it’s not just about horses and ponies – there are plenty of other jobs that need to get done and you’re bound to find a role that suits you.

Contact us to find out how you can help out at Stella Hancock Driving Group.